This page is about the Recreation Ground Charity.

The charity is formally registered with the Charity Commission as # 301763.

Matters relating to the Braishfield Football Club Pavilion can be found on the Braishfield Football Club Pavilion page.

History of the Recreation Ground

The land which forms the recreation ground and car park was granted under trust by A.C. King of Braishfield Manor in November 1922 for use as a recreation ground.  See the splendid conveyance document – or you may prefer to read the transcript of the conveyance.

Braishfield Parish Council took over as trustees of the recreation ground in 1956 – the council did not come into existence until 1951 and the trustees had previously been members of the local community.

The village hall was constructed on a site to the north east of the recreation ground in 1980 – on land which was not part of the recreation ground. At that time, the current car park was constructed on the northern part of the recreation ground, and serves both users of the hall and users of the recreation ground. The car park also provides a means of access to the hall.

Recreation Ground Charity Accounts

Recreation Ground Documents

The following documents relate to the recreation ground, other than those associated with the football pavilion, which can be found on the Braishfield Football Club Pavilion page.

The reason for the many tree works permissions in recent years is a result of the recreation ground being within the conservation area, which requires planning permission for any works relating to trees over a particular size.

4th November 2013Recreation Ground Sewer Map 2013
31st October 2013RG treeworks permission 2013
21st December 2012RG treeworks permission 2012
11th January 2011RG treeworks permission 2011
17th August 2010RG land registration 2010
20th October 2009RG treeworks permission 2009
28th February 2007RG treeworks permission 2007
21st July 2004RG treeworks permission 2004
5th January 2000RG flagpoles permission 2000
3rd December 1999RG treeworks permission 1999
5th December 1997RG treeworks permission 1997
12th February 1980RG lease to Village Hall 1980
9th April 1975RG membership Hampshire Playing Fields 1975
28th November 1956ORDER appointing Braishfield Parish Council as Trustee of Braishfield Recreation Ground
28th August 1956ORDER creating Braishfield Parish Council a Trust Corporation for Braishfield Recreation Ground 1956
29th September 1955GRANT OF EASEMENT for School sewage pipe 1955
21st September 1953Trustee appointment bertie ross 1953
6th September 1945Trustee appointment hoddinott bacon 1945