Neighbourhood Plan

Braishfield Neighbourhood Plan – Your Village, Your Vision

Neighbourhood planning allows communities to formally come together (through a parish council or neighbourhood forum) to have a say on the future development of the place in which they live and/or work.

Plans are developed using a legal framework. The framework requires suggested proposals to go through a formal consultation process with residents and an independent examiner before it is approved via a local referendum. If the plan is successfully adopted it becomes part of the statutory development plan for the local area, meaning it will be used to make future planning decisions within the area of designation.

In order to administer the plan, the Parish Council has brought together a steering committee of local residents. In the coming weeks and months, the steering committee will be gathering your views and opinions on a subject which you are exceptionally qualified to answer – the place in which you live! Perhaps you have a favourite green space that you would like to protect, a view which you feel is important or you’d like influence the character of new buildings in the village? As these are all issues dealt with by a Neighbourhood Plan.

Steering Group Terms of Reference

The Neighbourhood Plan website is found here Neighbourhood Plan website and provides more information on the progress of the steering group.

The village survey plays a very important part in shaping the document so please take the time to complete the survey page: complete here

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Village survey for the Neighbourhood Plan. You can see the results below which will be used to create the statutory planning document for the village.